Northwest Model United Nations believes that participation in Model United Nations is rewarding because of the skills and knowledge acquired through participation, and the personal growth and leadership development that occurs both during conferences and in preparations for conferences. No participant needs external recognition to achieve these gains. NWMUN does offer awards for delegates that help advance their country's policy farthest, and for delegations with consistently strong delegates across committees and countries assigned to them. However, we believe that awards should be viewed with appropriate perspective, understanding that they are of limited value in recognizing achievement or excellence, both for those who may be given awards and those who may not.

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Delegation (Overall) Awards
Outstanding Delegation: California State University - San Bernadino (Head Delegate: Sina Bastami; Adviser: Kevin Grisham)
Distinguished Delegation: Northern Arizona University (Head Delegates: Claire Bergstresser and John Murphy)
Distinguished Delegation: California State University - Chico (Head Delegate: Nigel Bocanegra-Speed; Adviser: John Crosby)
Distinguished Delegation: University of Texas at Dallas (Head Delegate: Meg Simons; Adviser: Michael Seeligson)

General Assembly Plenary
Outstanding Delegate: Russian Federation, represented by Devon O'Neil (University of Washington)
Distinguished Delegate: Cameroon, represented by Morgan Rice (Western Washington University)
Distinguished Delegate: France, represented by Tayla Hewitt (California State University - Chico)
Distinguished Delegate: Hungary, represented by Selah Zichterman (Clark College)
Distinguished Delegate: Morocco, represented by Stephen Omar El-Khatib (California State University - San Bernadino)
Distinguished Delegate: United Kingdom, represented by Siddharth Sant (University of Texas at Dallas)
Position Paper Award: Bangladesh, represented by Jude Alhashem (University of Washington)
Position Paper Award: Cameroon, represented by Morgan Rice (Western Washington University)
Position Paper Award: Russian Federation, represented by Devon O'Neil (University of Washington)

World Health Organization - World Health Assembly
Outstanding Delegate: Mexico, represented by Jaydeep Bhatia (California State University - Chico)
Distinguished Delegate: Luxembourg, represented by Andrew Choi (University of British Columbia)
Distinguished Delegate: Macedonia, represented by Evan Frazier (Western Washington University)
Distinguished Delegate: Myanmar, represented by Chelanna White (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
Distinguished Delegate: Russian Federation, represented by Julian Hannush (University of Washington)
Position Paper Award: Luxembourg, represented by Andrew Choi (University of British Columbia)
Position Paper Award: Rwanda, represented by Keira Alkema (Western Washington University)
Position Paper Award: Zimbabwe, represented by Kellie Standish (Willamette University)

Human Rights Council
Outstanding Delegate: Costa Rica, represented by Justin Loveland (Western Washington University)
Distinguished Delegate: Maldives, represented by John Bower (Northern Arizona University)
Distinguished Delegate: Mexico, represented by Nicole Nicolai (California State University - Chico)
Position Paper Award: France, represented by Stasha Malcolm (California State University - Chico)
Position Paper Award: Kuwait, represented by William Wolf (Northern Arizona University)

Security Council
Outstanding Delegate: France, represented by Karl Pfeifer (California State University - Chico)
Distinguished Delegate: Republic of Korea, represented by James Eccles (Clark College)
Position Paper Award: Chad, represented by Lauren Miller (California State University - Chico)

Reformed Security Council
Outstanding Delegate: United Kingdom, represented by Meg Simons (University of Texas at Dallas)
Distinguished Delegate: Brazil, represented by John Murphy (Northern Arizona University)
Position Paper Award: Lesotho, represented by Kate Scarratt (California State University - Chico)

World Summit on the Information Society - WSIS + 10 Review Meeting
Outstanding Delegate: United Kingdom, represented by Emily Windle (University of Texas at Dallas)
Distinguished Delegate: India, represented by Oleg Tuzlukov (University of British Columbia)
Distinguished Delegate: Philippines, represented by Annie Kim (University of British Columbia)
Distinguished Delegate: Vanuatu, represented by Athen Nguyen (University of Washington)
Position Paper Award: France, represented by Scott Greenberg (California State University - Chico)
Position Paper Award: Pakistan, represented by Peter Denyer (California State University - Chico)
Position Paper Award: Vanuatu, represented by Athen Nguyen (University of Washington)